All You Need To Know About Cocobella Smart Toilets

All You Need To Know About Cocobella Smart Toilets

All You Need To Know About Cocobella Smart Toilets

The smart home revolution is convincing people to adopt smart technology as it makes life easier. These technologies include automatic air conditioner units, voice-activated lighting systems, wireless security systems, and many more.

The bathroom is a key area in the smart home that is often overlooked. As we can ask Alexa for the opening of our blinds in the living area, now we have the option to enjoy waterproof TVs, touchless tapware, and baths that are pre-programmed.
Smart toilets were invented in Japan, and have been used widely for over 20 years. The basic smart toilet model, which was originally called a toilet and washlet, is a combination of a Western toilet and a bidet. These toilets have simple controls to adjust water pressure and temperature.

All thanks to technology and international connections, smart toilets are now gaining popularity all around the world due to their benefits. They have many similar functions and features which technology has developed. They are more than just combined toilets and bidets.

Here's a quick overview of traditional bidets

Bidets were traditionally a separate plumbing fixture from a toilet. A bidet is a small, tub-like device with taps at one end. To perform the same function as toilet paper, the user must straddle themselves over it.

Bidets are simple and easy to use. They have been used for centuries in bathrooms around the world. They are often installed in hospitals. They are more comfortable for people with specific medical conditions and women who just gave birth.

Although many people love the ease and hygiene offered by bidets, there are some downsides. They must be dried off after each use as it represents cleanliness in the bathroom.

Smart toilets have made it possible to enjoy all the benefits of a bidet without the negative side effects.

Modern Cocobella smart toilet

A modern Cocobella smart toilet allows users to fresh themselves normally. Instead of using toilet paper or going to separate bidets, they can utilize the toilet's rear and/or front water nozzle features. The air nozzles can be used after going toilet, but it also depends on the model and switches that are used to activate functions for air and water use. The remote control is also available.

Usually, common features between different models and brands include:

  • adjustable water pressure and temperature
  • Adjustable drying pressure and temperature
  • Soft closing of the seats

The basic smart toilet model is hygienic and comfortable. However, if you want to add luxury, there are more sophisticated models available. For optimal personal health, advanced smart toilets include:

  • Heated seats and Self-cleaning features
  • Hygienic flush without rims
  • Automatic opening of the seat
  • Bluetooth and sound capabilities
  • Automatic flushing with presence detection sensors
  • Remote control that allows you to set different preferences for users
  • Night light

Voice-activated controls are being developed as well and will be available soon in the future. This technology will completely eliminate the need to touch anything when using the toilet.

Smart toilets Designs

The old smart toilet designs were bulky with large control panels and visible nozzles. Modern toilets are sleeker and almost look the same as a regular modern toilet. Leading brands strive for a seamless design. This allows most models to be used in both traditional and modern interior designs. The smart toilet can seamlessly integrate into any bathroom.

Why Smart Toilets are better than traditional toilets?

 Hygiene- Smart toilets are more hygienic than regular toilets due to their wash-and-dry function and rimless technology.

Space-saving -Smart toilets are space-saving as they are often smaller than the traditional ones. Even placing the cistern and need buttons on the wall.

Sustainability - Smart toilets are more sustainable than traditional toilets. They use less water because no toilet paper is used. This means that there's less waste (no double flush). They also reduce your carbon footprint by drastically reducing the number of toilet papers you have to purchase.

Comfort - Smart toilets make going to the bathroom more pleasant, no matter what is the time of day.

At the point when you need to keep yourself warm during winter, the most frustrating thing is sitting on the cold toilet. Whereas the smart models make your washroom experience better than traditional toilets. You can change the temperature to suit you and adjust to seasonal climate changes.

This advanced feature also acts as heat therapy that can relax muscle tension through blood flow for those individuals who are struggling with such issues.

Best for the disabled and Elders - Smart toilets are more convenient for people with disabilities or who are aging. It helps them to make it easier to maintain personal hygiene.

Maintenance - toilet paper tends to clogged toilets easily, however, smart toilets don’t need to worry about overall maintenance. Moreover, some models also prevent you from flushing if there is a blockage.

Cleaning - Cleaning is easier with models that feature self-cleaning nozzles, superior glazing, and rimless flushing.

Low water consumption: Smart toilets flushing system use the right amount of water that is enough to clean at every single time. It reduces water wastage by a significant amount.

Should You Buy a Smart Toilet?

If you're looking to upgrade your bathroom, and also want to save space, purchasing the smart toilet is the best option for you. In case you have a low budget and don't want to take a risk of costly repairs then you can avoid this idea. But this does not happen all the time, there is hardly a chance when it needs maintenance once installed.

Cocobellabath: Best Smart Toilet Brand Manufacturer

If you are interested in installing a smart toilet in your home, We are here to help you.

Whether you are renovating or building a new house at a different location, consider purchasing smart toilets in Cocobellabath. We will assist you to make the best decision for your needs.

We strive to innovate the luxury of the bathroom since everyone wants to experience clean and comfortable even in the restroom. We have been providing first-class and reliable products through authorized distributors.

Visit our product page and start learning about the smart toilet features.

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