How COVID-19 will Transform the bathroom designs

How COVID-19 will Transform the bathroom designs

How COVID-19 will Transform the bathroom designs

The smart toilet revolution is here. Since the coronavirus, smart toilets have become a necessity in many homes and businesses to ensure that contagious viruses are not spread from one person to another through the bathroom. Bathrooms need to be smart so when they identify someone has been sick in there, they can clean themselves much better than before by removing all harmful bacteria and germs with ultraviolet light so no trace of the virus remains behind for other people ever again.

In addition, smart bathrooms come equipped with antibacterial functions which kill any remaining microbes after being activated for at least ten minutes every time you leave the room. Hygiene becomes very important now more than ever.

Before COVID-19, we were less concerned about ventilation and natural light, but now this is the main concern. Here are the measures that homeowners and building contractors are opting-

Large Space For Bathrooms

As smart bathrooms are becoming more widespread throughout society, many interior designers now realize that smart toilets need much more space than regular ones do because of the equipment they include like high-powered water jets which spray out germs and bacteria with great force (and probably feel pretty good too).

Bathrooms also have to be built larger so there is enough room for these smart white porcelain thrones where you can sit down whenever your stomach starts rumbling due to having caught a virus. It's not only smart but this throne is super comfortable as well since one would expect nothing less from an intelligent toilet seat. So if you're looking into getting yourself or someone in your family their own personal bathroom then makes sure smart and smart toilets are always available in these homes.

Washbasins In Different Rooms

COVID-19 has taught us how important it is to stay fit and healthy. To ensure more safety and security, it is vital to install Washbasins in different rooms.

Typically placed near toilets, or at least they should be. The main reason for this is that water takes time to drain out of your mouth, especially if you’re brushing teeth which makes it easier for bacteria from feces to spread into the air. In other words – after taking care of business on the toilet seat, there can still be some nasty stuff lingering around even though you flushed.

One study showed that these germs could actually reach as high as nine feet up off the floor, so having two sinks close together would not help much because those airborne particles will just go right to the other washbasin.

Separate Guest bathrooms

Everyone has a guest bathroom, but it is sometimes not used for its intended purpose. People are less likely to have visitors when the corona virus spreads across the world. Some people choose to stay home rather than face an uncertain future if they get sick or pass on their illness unintentionally.

If you are thinking to make a new home, must consider a separate space for the guest bathroom. It is necessary for social distancing and also ensures that you are less likely to get infected. Planning space for bathroom not only includes smart toilets but also washbasin which means you can practice hygiene in a better way even when your guests arrive. It is a much hygienic and safe option.

Contactless fittings

We're beginning to see sensor taps or programmed flushes for toilets and urinals that activate automatically without touching anything which means it is 100% hygienic not only for the public but also private.

To find the spots where you can place these touchless items, you can search online or draw a layout of your bathroom to ensure which is the best place for touchless appliances.

Easy-to-clean materials

R&D division is endeavoring to guarantee our improvements are realistic, giving more secure materials to our washroom decorations and fittings. These incorporate washbasins with surfaces of non-porous, for example, antibacterial medicines like antibacterial shower plates,

Project Tech, and substantially more clean flushing arrangements like the Rimless systems.

All-in-One Handwashing Systems

All-in-one handwashing systems eliminate the requirements for specifying different fixtures on the walls or countertop, which can create a mess and clunky appearance that are also difficult to maintain.

The latest models of touchless All-in-One Handwashing Systems are designed to eliminate such fixtures and improve hygiene.

Also, the main reason for slips and falls is water dripping. This happens most of the time when people wash their hands. To avoid slipping, always locating drying and soaps close to the washbasin is imperative.

All-in-one models remove the requirement for people to walk away from the washbasin to access hand dryers and paper towels.

Purer, And Healthier Indoor Air

Experts have shown that COVID-19 spread through the air, therefore, the quality of indoor air is one of the key concerns. Robust air ventilation and purification demand have increased.

Now, the contractors prefer installing air purification systems. These systems take air outside, reconditions, and supply fresh air in the bathroom.

Home Spas

Bathrooms are one of the places where individuals may feel relaxed after a tough day. Spas at home allow you to de-stress and relax. Adding steam functions to the bath area, removing the shower, and installing a luxurious bath will not only allow you to feel relaxed but also provide you safety from Coronavirus.

Creative Storage

Creative storage spaces can improve the level of hygiene at a significant level. When you will have a place to store more items, you will less likely to come in and outside again and again. This will reduce the spread of infections at home; will make your bathroom more functional and safe. This is particularly important for hotels where they have high traffic volume and worsen the situation if something happened wrong.


The world of technology is in the midst of revolutionizing the way we live. Some of the innovations and technologies being developed are life-saving gadgets like smart toilets. These innovations are now being used in private and public places to improve care and minimize risk.

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