Is a Smart Toilet with Bidet a Good Choice? Yes, Here's Why

Is a Smart Toilet with Bidet a Good Choice? Yes, Here's Why

Is a Smart Toilet with Bidet a Good Choice? Yes, Here's Why

A smart toilet is a toilet with an electronic component integrated in order for it to perform functions that, overall, aim to enhance your restroom experience. Besides consuming less water, they also can be a more hygienic offering thanks to few very useful functions they perform. Moreover, thank its incorporation of a built-in bidet and a couple of sensors, they pretty much can function without your input. Keep reading to find out how they can make going to the restroom a seamless ordeal.

What Is the Deal with The Smart Toilets?

While the basic function that you would want from a toilet is still definitively there, the smart toilet has a lot of perks to look forward to as well. let's take a look at some of the most common features you can:

Self-Closing Lid

The smart toilet with bidet can welcome you into the future of the restroom all by itself, thanks to its lid, which lifts up and closes down automatically. Thanks to movement sensors with an adjustable range of capture, when you are within a certain distance, the lid will open up. Once you are not within range, it goes down to close itself.


As kids, elders might often have told you to do not to touch the handle of a public toilet with your naked hands (try using your shoes!). Why? It is a hub for the worst kind of germs from the worst kind of waste. Thus, if you are hygiene conscious, you will be happy to know that there is no need to touch anything to flush a smart toilet with bidet down. Pressure sensors know when you are sitting down on the seat and, when you finally get up, it automatically flushes. Forget about pressing handles or buttons.


Most toilets do a pretty good job at keeping the gasses from the sewer to crawl up and get to your restroom. The same cannot be said for residual odor produce during your visit to the can. Luckily, smart toilets often come with a deodorizing function. Through a fan, the bowl absorbs the air in it inwards toward an internal filter. The filter itself has an active deodorizing agent inside of it, like active charcoal or diatom, which hastens the conversion of noxious odor particles into the fresh air.

Less Bulky Than the Normal Kind of Toilets

Not a feature per se. Yet, the fact remains that most smart toilets are noticeably less bulky, thus, take up less room than the regular kind of toilet you see in most houses. Something that its a matter of course since the first of them were envisioned for corporate offices or high-end shopping malls in the beginning. Now, you can also have it in your home for a reasonable cost, and notice how its sleek and slim design takes up less space in your restroom.

Smart Bidet's Spray Adjustment

Most smart toilets equipped with their own bidet functions do, of course, allow you to adjust the spraying. Both spray pressure strength and water temperature levels are customizable to your preferences, giving you even more control over the experience than you could previously imagine.  If it does not seem like much to you, it's likely you have not yet have had much experience with

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