How to Design A Bathroom | A complete Guide

How to Design A Bathroom | A complete Guide

How to Design A Bathroom | A complete Guide

Your bathroom space should be a space that is used to purify you and to relax. It is the space where you are at your most vulnerable, so it should allow you to feel secure.

Designing your bathroom requires great originality, creativity, and consideration. Before starting with the design process, measure the space available and think about how you want it to look: contemporary or classic; modern or traditional; it all depends on your taste and preferences.

Here is the overall idea that you can use to make your bathroom space simple by following these steps:

Space- Know what your space's function includes. This will help determine how large of an area you have to work with and what style options are available for you. You may want to have dual sinks or a bathtub in addition to the standard shower/ smart toilet space. If this is the case, then choose which room would best suit each function before proceeding with designing so that everything has its proper place.

If you already have all of these items set up but it just isn't working out very well for you, try rearranging them until you are satisfied with how it looks.

Style- Establish your style goals for the space by considering what you want the space to convey about yourself. This will help to determine which items you want in your space and how many. For example, if you would like for this space to look traditional or rustic, then choose to have traditional or rustic-styled furniture in the space. If you would prefer to keep all of your stuff confined to one side of the room, then try having cabinets built around your toilet instead of having them surrounding both sides of the space. This way, everything is kept together on one side so that when guests come over they don't have to shift anything around themselves while using the space.

Color- Choose your color scheme is a factor that many people often leave until the end of the design process because they are unsure of what colors to use. This can be an effective strategy because it allows for you to make more informed decisions about what items you want in place rather than choosing styles and finding out that your options are limited due to certain colors clashing with each other. However, if this does not work well for you, then consider incorporating color into your style choices by limiting yourself to one or two colors instead of trying to incorporate all five. An example would be having gray paint on the walls with dark blue tiles lining the floor space between the shower space and toilet space.

Materials - Selecting your materials can be tricky in that certain styles work better with some materials than others. The material that is used to build your bathroom will be one of the main styles that will help make up the overall look of your bathroom space. Some materials include:

  • Glass material- It can be used effectively with traditional or rustic styled bathrooms because they both utilize polished steel or wood pieces rather than chrome pieces. Glass material can also convey cleanliness because it makes cleaning much easier by requiring no polishing whatsoever.
  • Wood material- It often reflects modesty and simplicity because instead of utilizing a lot of material, a few select pieces are used to create a space that looks simple and modest.
  • Metal material- It can be considered when using the rustic or modern style because it provides a simplistic polished look. However, when using this material with traditional material in place, the metal material may clash with the wood material and create an unappealing mess.
  • Tile material- It is perfect for small spaces such as showers because they provide strength and durability while still allowing enough room for you to walk in and around without bumping into things. Not only that, but tile material also helps keep humidity in your shower space at a minimum so that mold and mildew don't build up easily on certain surfaces
  • Ceramic material- It is perfect for creating a vintage or rustic styled bathroom because it reflects the material that would have been used many years ago, which is often polished wood material.

If you are unsure of what materials would best suit your space and then consult with someone who knows the space layout and style options well enough to make an informed decision.


When it comes to small spaces, you need smart ideas for how to design your bathroom. There are different ways in which you can add space and make it look bigger than it actually is:

Make use of vertical space: plants and shelves in any part of the room will help create a more open and airy atmosphere.

Vertical plants go perfectly with horizontal cabinets or shelves. Choose furniture that can multitask and you will be surprised how smart your design choices actually are.

If your bathroom is not too narrow then you can also replace the cabinet door knobs with hanging plants instead. Their fresh green color will create contrast against more solid-colored materials and will enhance your plants' visual effects.

Mirrors are the quickest way to make any room look bigger; place them strategically and they will magically enlarge all of your bathroom's surfaces! If you like plants but think plants and mirrors may clash, make sure plants are placed behind the mirrors.

What more you can do is-

  • Include colored bathroom fittings and furnishings
  • Select designer pieces for your bathroom whether it is taps, sinks, and a smart toilet.
  • Colored taps are the best if you want to give a stylish look to your bathroom.
  • Built-in elements like a smart intelligent toilet with bidet will offer more hygiene in the bathroom
  • Select sanitary items such as floor-standing washbasins and colored ceramics.
  • Utilize plants to  stay connected with nature and earth to feel better
  • Choose an oval or round mirror to add a wow factor to your bathroom.
  • Consider choosing an automatic light system in your bathroom to add more convenience.

It is wise to install automatic doors to ensure more hygiene and safety in your home or even at the workplace.

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