How To Keep Your Toilet Seat Clean

How To Keep Your Toilet Seat Clean

How To Keep Your Toilet Seat Clean

Keep Your smart Toilet Seat Clean is necessary not only for hygiene but also for comfort and to feel the freshness. But how to keep your smart toilet seat clean, is not so difficult.

There are smart toilet seats available that claim a smart clean feature and it is easier to use. When smart features are taken into account, we can actually forget how to keep smart toilet seats clean? So here is a step-by-step guide to keep the smart toilet seat clean.

Here are some things you can do.

5 tips to keep your smart toilet clean

  • After you used the smart toilet seat, use the smart lid opening and closed it smartly. The smart lid will open and close automatically so you must not touch it. Also to avoid any dirt falling on top of the smart seat, keep the smart lid down while flushing. Don’t raise and lower the smart seat with smart buttons instead use the manual button available at the side for this purpose.
  • If you are an adult, the smart seat will also open the smart lid automatically when the smart sensor detects your hands near the smart toilet seat.
  • Make sure to use the recommended amount of smart toilet cleaner tablet which is available in smart toilet box or buy any brand best product to keep the smart bowl clean. It will protect the smart seat surface and the smart seat will last longer.
  • Don’t use any kind of soaps or harsh chemicals to clean smart toilet seat as it is made with smart materials and it can damage the smart seat.
  • If you see any stains on the smart toilet, clean them as soon as possible by using a soft cloth. Avoid scrubbing the smart seat as it will damage smart material or smart coating.

Steps to clean Smart toilets

  • Cleaning the Bowl- Wipe down the bidet at least once a week with a clean cloth. Use vinegar or a household detergent squirted on a wet cleaning cloth to wipe over the bidet. Allow to air dry after wiping over the bidet with the cloth. To keep the cleaning cloth clean, rinse it immediately after use with hot water. Having a cleaning cloth and a pack of disposable gloves nearby may assist users to keep the bidet to keep it clean.
  • Use a normal cleanser because the ceramic surface of the bidet is susceptible to scratching or harm, it's best to use vinegar or a light detergent with a gentle cleaning cloth.
  • Clean beneath the bidet seat with normal detergent. Clean at least once a year under the bidet seat if it has. Pull up on the button on the side of the seat near the electrical cord with your hands to raise and remove the seat. If there is no button, pull up on it and then forward to lift it.
  • Change the carbon air deodorizer on time. Carbon air deodorizers, unlike aerosols, filter the air and leave it odor-free. When the carbon air deodorizer has outlived its usefulness, replace it to maintain a fresh, clean scent. Some carbon air deodorizers have a lifespan of several years, while others are built to endure as long as your equipment.
  • Cleaning the Nozzle- Almost all smart toilets have a self-cleaning feature. This makes the maintenance process easy and simple. Twist the knob to Nozzle Cleaning to activate it. If you use this function frequently, you will never need to clean it manually again.
  • To clean the nozzle manually, use vinegar and a toothbrush. Clean the nozzle at least once a month by pressing the cleaning button for a few seconds until the nozzle comes forward for cleaning on all other bidets. Then fill up with water combined with vinegar and a soft toothbrush to clean the nozzle.
  • In case your unit has another nozzle, extend and clean it again by pushing the button twice.
  • To unblock a removable nozzle tip, soaking it in vinegar is another good idea. If the water pressure is low, there's a good chance the nozzle is clogged. Remove the two screws from the cover. Before removing any debris from the nozzle tip, use a brush with soft bristles to clean off dirt and dust on your screen. Leave it for nearly 4 hours, and scrub it with the toothbrush.
  • Lastly, Reattach the nozzle
  • Removing Tough Stains- Make a paste of baking soda and water to clean it. Fill the bidet bowl halfway with water, then fill it nearly full with white vinegar. Allow enough time for the vinegar to soak in before using it. To remove stains from the bowl's edges, use toilet paper doused in vinegar. Tissue papers or towels soaked in vinegar may be used to cover stains around the bowl's edge or anyplace else where the vinegar does not reach directly. Allow them to rest overnight. Fill the bowl with water and add two drops of liquid dish soap. Allow it to soak for one minute, then scrub with a cloth dipped in vinegar. Then, rinse the bowl with water. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Some points to note:

  • Smart toilet cleaner tablet- smart disinfectant tablets are reusable and only available in smart toilet boxes.
  • Don’t use any kind of soaps to clean smart toilet seats as they contain harsh chemicals which damage smart materials and protective coatings. If you want a fresh environment in your smart bathroom, just keep these tips in mind and enjoy a clean smart toilet every time!
  • A soft cloth - A piece of cotton or a microfiber cloth that causes less damage to the smart material than anything else. A wet wipe may even cause more damage than dirt itself.
  • Smart material - Smart surface with an anti-microbial coating that is germ proof, bacterial proof, and resistant to mold build-up.
  • Protective coatings - Smart nano technology-based surface coating that is smart antimicrobial smart nanotechnology with the smart surface.
  • To avoid any dirt falling on the top smart seat, keep the smart lid down while flushing.
  • The smart seat will last longer - smart toilet seats are smart because they can automatically change the surface (self-healing) and they also clean themselves (water jet cleaning or automatic self-cleaning function).

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