How to maintain the smart toilets

How to maintain the smart toilets

How to maintain the smart toilets

Looking to improve your bathroom experience? Smart toilets are the ones that will make you feel better than traditional toilets. Its advanced features will allow you to customize your toilet by using sensors or remote control.

There are many settings you can adjust, including lights, Bluetooth, heated seats, and foot warmers, etc. Your mornings will be more enjoyable with a smart toilet. Your bathroom will be your favorite spot.

Why Smart Toilets Are So Popular Nowadays?

What would life be like without all the smart technology? Of course, you can survive but all the comfort will go and you will have to struggle with each thing. Below we have outlined some latest features that smart toilets have and are responsible for their popularity-.

  • The automatic lid in Smart toilets allows the lid or seat to open and close automatically depending on your settings.
  • Smart toilets have seat warmers that allow you to adjust the temperature of your seat to suit your needs.
  • No more painfully stubbed feet when you go to the bathroom at night. The nightlight feature of smart toilets adds extra convenience to all.
  • Most smart toilet systems come with a bidet that allows you to adjust the water temperature and pressure of the spray to clean your underside.

In case you believe that these features are not enough, you can visit our official website to know all features in detail.

Now the main concern that most homeowners have is its maintenance. As smart toilets can be a little expensive than traditional toilets, their repair cost will also be expensive. However, very few people have complained about smart toilets. It depends on which brand product you have chosen for your bathroom. When you consider buying Cocobella smart toilets, you will not have any issues regarding their installation and maintenance.

Care And Maintenance

This new technology requires some adjustments in how you approach cleaning and maintaining your toilets. These are some important things to remember:

Turn off the power:  The first step of maintaining electronic appliances is turning off the power source. It is necessary to prevent the possibility of electrical accidents that can happen due to high or low voltage.

Don’t’ wash the surface with water: To avoid accidents like an electric shock or short circuit, you should not wash the smart toilet's surface or back with water or detergent. It is important to dry the functional area of the toilet and keep it dry.

Cover Slowly: The smart toilet lid has damping slow down function on the seat ring and cover. This is to keep the cover from falling too loudly, causing embarrassment, and disturbing others.

Although the smart toilet lid is equipped with a damping slow-down function, it is important to not use the toilet too aggressively. It is necessary to avoid damaging the toilet lid's function and prolonging its life, the lid should be gently closed when you put it on.

Replace the filter: The smart toilet has a very important function: it rinses your buttocks. This is a more hygiene-conscious option than using regular paper. It prevents paper from building up in the trash can, which could lead to more bacteria. A more hygiene-friendly approach is to make sure water purification works. It is important to replace the toilet filter regularly. It is recommended that single-stage filters be replaced every 6 to 12 months. Bipolar filters should be replaced once every 18-24.

Clean the nozzles: People worry about cross-infection from flushing smart toilets. But in reality, nozzles are self-cleaned after and before every use. The nozzles also have silver ion antibacterial technology therefore you don't need to worry. Apart from the self-cleaning feature, you can remove the spray head to clean the nozzle. Regular cleaning can help drain the old water out of the pipe and make cleaning easier.

Clean the smart toilet: It is recommended that ceramic body toilets be cleaned at least once a month. Avoid using abrasives, strong cleaning products, solvents, or other harsh chemicals. To clean the toilet and water tank accessories without causing damage to the product's surface or accessories. To clean the toilet water seal, you can put the appropriate amount of toilet cleaner in it. After that, let it sit for approximately 15 minutes, and then use your toilet brush to scrub it.

Is it possible to install your own smart toilet?

Installing the toilet seats is much simpler than taking out a whole toilet to install a new one. It is possible to do it yourself but be aware of the potential consequences if things don't work out. You will find a less clean environment if there are any leaks in your bathroom or along your pipes. If you don't have the necessary experience to install these types of complex toilets, it may be worth calling in professionals. You should also consider the cost of this equipment. Your investment will be treated with care if you have the assurance of a professional.

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