How to opt for a toilet: wall hung vs floor standing designs?

How to opt for a toilet: wall hung vs floor standing designs?

The toilet is a crucial part of the bathroom since it is used repeatedly. As a result, before commencing a new project or renovations, you must first determine what criteria to follow to make the proper selection. The type of the material, patterns, and colors should be considered in terms of beauty and innovation and the technological advancements that will improve comfort as well as the quality of life.

Wall-hung fixtures are usually installed in small bathrooms and they require little space, which is beneficial if there is not enough room. However, this aspect should be carefully considered as sometimes it can become somewhat uncomfortable for the user.

There are different types of designs and it is necessary to know what they consist of, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. The two most common fixtures are wall hung and floor standing models, which can be differentiated based on specific characteristics:

Wall hung toilets 

They usually stand independently on the floor or close to the walls. These fixtures are hung from the roof to avoid using up too much floor space. Their comfort is guaranteed, as they have a lower bowl level than floor-standing toilets. They are ideal for small bathrooms due to their design and, additionally, because they help utilize that area more efficiently.

Floor standing toilets

They are installed directly on the floor and are often wider than wall-hung toilets, which is why they frequently occupy a larger area. However, they still provide the required comfort and rely on a tank placed directly above it.

Wall hung vs floor standing designs: choosing the right model

After finding out about the different aspects that should be taken into consideration when opting for one design or another, you can now analyze them in-depth to choose the most suitable option for your specific needs. For instance, if you are planning to have a small bathroom with little storage space, the ideal solution would be floor-standing fixtures. On the other hand, if you are looking for an aesthetic design that allows more freedom in terms of storage capacity, choosing wall-hung toilets is your best choice.

But what models should be taken into consideration?

Since there are different types of designs and formats, each one is available in a different design and style. Thus, depending on the specific requirements of the customer, two main models should be taken into consideration: wall-hung toilets and floor-standing toilets. They both have their advantages and disadvantages but what is most important for your project is to make the right choice.

Wall-hung toilets are usually installed in smaller bathrooms because they occupy less space. They have a lower bowl level, which guarantees the user comfort but in some cases, it can be difficult to install them in confined spaces or if there is not enough floor space available in front of them. Additionally, when they are wall-hung, their installation requires additional work to reinforce the wall, which can be expensive.

Floor standing toilets- Their cistern is installed above the floor level to take up less space. They are wider than wall-hung toilets but they occupy a larger area because of their design. However, this type of fixture has the benefit that it offers more storage capacity since there are no restrictions in terms of height. For example, they provide more comfortable freedom to create built-in or free-standing furniture.

Overview of wall-hung designs

Elongated bowl floor standing models

The main characteristic of this design is that its elongated shape makes it very efficient since there is an increased surface area. Besides, the bowl level is very low, which makes it more comfortable.

Chaise floor standing models

This type of design has a lower bowl level, which provides added comfort to the user. This elongated model includes an integrated cistern and its exterior design may have different shapes. It can be built-in or freestanding depending on the chosen style.

Wall hung designs with side and front cistern

This type of design allows maximum freedom since it includes 2 separate functional zones. The main advantage is that it offers more storage capacity. Its installation requires additional reinforcement to the wall to hold its weight, which can be very difficult in small spaces (when size matters). It is ideal for bigger bathrooms since it can offer a lot of storage capacity.

Wall hung toilet seat extenders

The design includes the seat and lid soft closing system, which offers added comfort to the user. This model is perfect for people that want a quiet closing system but it is not very common. Although some wall-mounted designs present a hinge or a silent device, the seat extenders do not offer this option.

Wall hung toilet cistern covers

This design is very modern and it enhances the look of the fixture. They are made of different materials, which makes them ideal for any type of bathroom since there are no restrictions in terms of style or color. Although they provide more storage capacity, their installation is not very common, which makes them perfect for people that want to add a touch of style and modernity to their bathroom.

Toilet floor standing designs

Since they are free-standing, this type of model can be set in the best position and it offers more freedom in terms of design and storage space. This model is usually larger than wall-hung models hence they occupy a large area and this can be problematic if there is not enough space.

Cistern integrated models

These types of designs have a lower bowl level, which provides added comfort to the user. In addition, their exterior design must follow specific rules so that the entire fixture works perfectly. Its installation requires additional reinforcement to the wall to hold up the cistern which is difficult in small spaces. In addition, they provide a modern look to any room since they are free-standing and built-in.

Cistern exterior design

These models have a more traditional design with fewer manufacturers offering alternatives to people that want something unique for their bathroom. They provide a more conservative but also stylish look.

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