How To Upgrade Your Bathroom Without a Major Renovation

How To Upgrade Your Bathroom Without a Major Renovation

How To Upgrade Your Bathroom Without a Major Renovation

As time passes by, we frequently want to give our restroom a new look. The reason can be anything, whether it is due to its dated look or no longer addresses our requirements. If you are looking to revamp your bathroom, without making major changes, there are several approaches that you can opt to give your bathroom a fresh look.

Our requirements revolve around the activities that we do at home. Perhaps your restroom looks dated, and you need to work on its usefulness, adjust it to your new necessities, and update the feel to align it more with your way of life. Making this room more appealing will enhance your home, just as causing it to feel like a more pleasant space for you.

You might be thinking that you will have to do some major changes to remodel your bathroom, but this is not true. With small innovative changes, you can increase the value of your house.

Changes you can make

When you consider updating your bathroom without major changes, you have fewer options available to replace it. However, it doesn’t mean that you should not do substantial changes. You can give your restroom a completely new look with the latest appliances, colors, and some affordable furniture.

Updating with small changes means you will keep the drainage or waste at their place, not changing the design of the plumbed components. You can also leave the floor and walls that have tiles.

Despite this, you have several things that you can alter in your bathroom.

  • Updating sanitary equipment such as sink, taps, and toiletImproving the light system by replacing it with more efficient and better lighting.
  • Installing the latest decorative elements for an amazing bathroom look.
  • Replacing old tiles with new ones(If required) and can also be applied on old tiles.
  • For flooring, vinyl is the best option

Sanitary equipment that you can change

While changing Sanitary equipment, you don’t need to think that this could not imply building work, you should change all the Sanitary equipment. Adding new types of equipment with the older ones will not look good at all. You should consider replacing rather than adding.

Several latest options are available nowadays: Smart toilets, Acro Compact urinal, Digital taps; the latest design sinks with various color options. Selecting a modern option will provide your restroom a completely new aesthetic without doing major works like increasing or decreasing the size of the bathroom.

Likewise, a Smart toilet is one main option that you can replace with traditional toilets. They are eco-friendly, space-saving, and provide comfort to all, whether it is a kid, elder, or disabled person.

Its latest functions make it a more convenient choice that includes-

  • Automatic flushing and washing system from the seat
  • Side knob and remote control
  • Adjustable water flow while flushing
  • Adjustable water temperature while washing
  • Drying function, with temperature adjustable settings
  • Light sense night light
  • Slow down the opening method

Its maintenance is easy and doesn’t need repairs for a long time. To avoid repairs or blockage in your smart toilets, avoid throwing garbage into your toilet. Also, avoid using toilet paper when you have smart functions to wash.

Updating sink and other bathroom equipment

Consider replacing the sink of your bathroom without major building work. In case you have traditional pedestal washbasins, you can change them with a countertop or modern wall-mounted washbasins. It will not only give your bathroom a fresh look but will also save space in your bathroom. You can make your sink space more attractive.

It is obvious that if you are making your new style sink the main point, you need to pick taps that are right and have a unique style. For this, you can install touchless taps that come in a variety of styles and sizes. You can read reviews online about their functionalities and the benefits that you may have.

You can also install a modern LED illuminated mirror if you have an ideal electrical point near the sink. This will make your restroom more welcoming, stylish, and improved usability in the bathroom.

Update your bath or shower

While redesigning your restroom, getting the best and right shower makes a huge difference. It is not necessary for convenience but to make sure that you will not have to do changes again in a short time. It is one of the versatile parts that have ample options available.

No matter what you are choosing, for only shower or bath also, consider choosing a folding glass screen. This is the best if you would like to revamp the bathroom without major changes. It will not occupy more space in the bathroom. It will give you a feel of a clean and hygienic area. Also, think about the plumbing and water heating system in your bathroom.

The second thing that belongs to the shower is the tray. Shape and size are some of the most important things that you must consider. According to the space available, you can choose one shape from Rectangular, Square, Quadrant, and walk-in.

Maximize Storage Space

To maximize the storage in your bathroom you have several options.

  • Using a vertical space to install a wall-mounted towel Rack with open cubbies. You can put additional hand towels and other small bathroom essentials. If you want to put a large towel in it, try rolling larger towels.
  • Adhesive Hooks for Tools is another great option that you can use in behind-the-door space. Use it to store brushes, a hairdryer, and other necessary items.
  • The two-in-one mirror is ideal for small spaces. Swing the door to show shelves that can store your beauty products and other storage items.

As you can see, you can revamp your bathroom in different ways without major work. Now, this is up to you, what changes you feel that you should do, how you can utilize the space of your bathroom according to the size, and what latest appliances are within your budget.

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