Tips To Buy A Smart Toilet For Your Smart Bathroom

Tips To Buy A Smart Toilet For Your Smart Bathroom

Tips To Buy A Smart Toilet For Your Smart Bathroom

There are plenty of smart toilets available in the market. You can easily find a smart toilet within your budget that also meets all of your requirements and needs.
There are smart toilets that have a wireless bidet, heated seat, deodorizer, etc. Some smart toilets have a UV light to kill bacteria on the surface of the bowl while some come with Bluetooth speakers for playing music or video files stored in your smartphone wirelessly.

Shape And Size Smart Toilet Seat Comparison

Some smart toilet seats are fixed to the toilet while some attach on top of your existing seat. You need to consider this feature when choosing a smart toilet because it will determine how much space you have in your bathroom. If buying an attached smart toilet seat, make sure that there's enough room between the wall and the rim of the bowl, or else, you will not be able to clean correctly around its edges.

A lot of people also want their smart toilet as close as possible from where they sit so if purchasing one with a built-in flush sensor located at the front rather than back, then you have to make sure that you have enough space for it.

Many high-end models are broader and longer(more than 27 inches). If you can afford it then you can purchase the large one. The bowls of smart toilets are much more comfortable in comparison to compact s toilets. It offers more contact areas that become a reason for better support.


Hygienic features such as sanitizing and self-cleaning are a must-have. These smart toilets have been specially designed to provide an exceptional hygiene experience as well as a sleek design. Also, do not require much effort on your part but still keeps you feeling fresh throughout the day. Think about one of those smart toilet models.

Self-Cleaning Nozzle

If you want to find out the efficiency and quality of a smart toilet, check the way of self-cleaning. From top to intermediate modes, all will have clean and sanitize functions before and after every use. For nozzles, Ultra-Violet light and electrolyzed water is used to eliminate bacteria.

The lower middle of low-end reach will have its self-clean with nozzles normal regular water. So don't purchase with any cases of self-disinfection when the cost is unrealistic.


Another thing we should consider when choosing a smart toilet model is its durability; nobody wants to buy something that will break down in less than half a year after purchase so makes sure it is durable enough before making any commitments.

If you’re looking for smart toilets that will offer a sleek design and still keep the customer satisfied, we recommend visiting Cocobellabath to browse the latest collection of smart toilets.

Side Control Panel

While the genuine ease accompanies the controller in your hand to order every feature, aside from control is there if the controller fails. So you can operate the basic functions even if the remote is not working.

Actually, the capacities of the side panel are not complete as the remote control. It will have a flush button, force button, and wash buttons. These are the most important functions that must operate when the remote control is not working. So before purchasing an item, you check its functionality.

Remote Controls

Almost all models accompany a display LCD screen for the activation and adjustments of functions. It is essential for better interaction between the toilet and you. So you should see the remote control changes whether you are adjusting spray wash pressure or dryer temperature.

Although the functions of smart toilets auto operate, they must be seen in your remote control too.


The remote control is the main hub of all the convenient features.

Auto Open & Close Toilet Lid

The auto close and open lid is the feature that makes it one of the convenient features of a smart toilet. So be sure that you have activated this automatic feature once you have installed the toilet.

With this enabled feature, the cover of the seat will automatically close and open while every use of the smart toilet. However, the one issue that arises is toilets are not smart enough to recognize if users stand to pee, it will stay low on the rim of the bowl. This is a small imperfection. So, you can use the remote button to lift the seat. Once you have done the refreshing process, you can leave it. Its smart function will automatically close the lid.

Auto Flush

Suppose you have an important meeting, you are getting late, every second is important. You can get up, and go without worrying about its cleaning. This Is all possible due to the auto-flush system. It will not take more than 3 seconds to press the flush button even if automatic flushing is not working.

Smart toilets like Cocobella, have an auto flush system. Within 30 seconds, all will be clean. Before installation, make sure that your auto flush function is working in the right way.

Night Light

Another enabled is night light mode. You can able and disable it at any time. Whenever the bathroom will have low light, it will light up automatically. Test night light mode after installation.

Power Saving Mode

At last, power-saving mode. It can assist you in saving utility bills. The consumption of power can reduce at a significant level, even during winter when the elements like heaters are used most time. Don’t forget to activate. You can check its functionality while installation, if you experience any issue you can ask directly.

Now you have got an idea about the functionality and what you need in your smart toilet? We have covered almost everything in this post to decide which toilet is suitable for your bathroom.

Recommended Smart Toilet Model

COCO BELLA, have improved the standards of living by facilitating personal hygiene level at scale through smart toilets. A few electronic sensors into the smart toilet design make it more convenient and secure than the traditional ones. For more detail and information about the product, visit us now.

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