Top 16 Reasons To install smart toilets in your home

Top 16 Reasons To install smart toilets in your home

A smart toilet or intelligent toilet is an electrically powered toilet that uses cutting-edge technology to guarantee sanitary procedures. With a plethora of features, smart toilets have become a necessity rather than a luxury. It is advisable to install the best leading toilet brands in your home. So here is the list of Top 10 reasons to install them now!

  1. Sanitation

One of the prime factors to be considered while installing a smart toilet is sanitation. It comes with automatic water cleaner that cleanses the bowl after every use, thus preventing any form of contamination or infection from setting in. The best smart toilets also come with specific nozzles for a complete cleansing and a dryer to ensure that the toilet remains sanitary.

  1. Hygiene is paramount

While most toilets offer enough space for keeping your detergents and sprays, these are not hygienic options for cleaning them up. The best tankless toilets come with a specific set of nozzles that clean the bowl thoroughly every time you use the toilet. This ensures that any form of bacteria, fungi or germs is prevented from entering your home and causing infections.

  1. Skin irritation and allergies

One of the leading causes of skin allergies and irritations in most homes is not hygiene but dirty toilets and bowls. The automatic bowl cleaners ensure that the toilets remain clean every time you use them. Thus, they ensure a healthy lifestyle for your family members who are likely to suffer from skin allergies and infections due to dirty toilets.

The bowl of most regular household toilets accumulates dirt and grime very soon, which cannot be cleaned thoroughly with detergents and other cleaning agents. But the jets of a high-efficacy toilet ensure that all dirt and grime is pushed to the rim and cleansed thoroughly for a healthy living environment.

  1. Comfortable seat warmer and dryer

The best smart toilets come with a host of add-ons such as toilet seat warmer and dryers to ensure that your posterior remains warm and comfortable throughout the year, irrespective of the temperature outside. The seat also dries up fast after each use, thus preventing any chances of slipping or falling down.

  1. Insects, rodents, and flies

With regular bowls, it becomes very easy for insects such as flies and mosquitoes to breed in the leftover dirt in the toilet. But with automatic cleaners, there is less scope for such insects to breed and thus, the risk of contracting diseases such as malaria or dengue is minimal.

  1. Save water and money on bills

A majority of people living in a metropolitan city have a tendency to spend more time in their bathrooms without necessarily flushing it several times. This is indeed not a good practice from the perspective of hygiene and also helps you save on water consumption by avoiding wastage. The tanks usually take around 30 seconds before refilling again, which is a small amount of time. The best smart toilets come with a host of intelligent sensors that automatically flush the water after you have used it and also help in saving around 20% to 30% on your overall water bill without hampering the experience.

When you install a smart toilet, you will immediately realize the difference between your regular household toilets and them. The high-efficiency toilets ensure that they use very little water to clean up and therefore, do not result in increased bills each month.

  1. Better design and aesthetics

One of the best benefits of installing a smart toilet is that it gives your bathroom and overall house an impressive look and feel with its modern technology and sleek designs. It also adds value to your property market when you try to sell them later on! Another reason for investing in smart toilets now!

  1. More privacy factors involved

The privacy factor is one of the leading reasons behind people opting for smart toilets at home or office or public places such as hotels. They come with features like opening and closing lids, which make them more private than the regular toilets.

  1. Avoid clogs and overflows

One of the leading reasons for household plumbing damages is due to clogging or overflowing caused by improper usage or lack of maintenance. While these are no match for smart toilets, they do prevent such accidents from occurring through their high-efficiency flushing tanks and connectors. Plus, you can save up on costly repairs as well!

  1. Pressure-assisted tank technology for efficient flushes

The best leading smart toilets offer high-pressure tank technology as opposed to low-pressure tanks, which are more common across traditional toilets. This feature helps in removing waste from your toilet quickly and effectively, thus making your life easier when dealing with clogged toilets at home or work!

  1. If you hate cleaning, then a smart toilet is for you

Those living alone or those who hate cleaning can opt for the best smart toilets with an automatic water cleaner and dryer. This helps prevent any form of germs, fungi or bacteria from entering your home and causing infections.

  1. You can control them remotely on your phone or tablet

Those opting for the best smart toilet brands will be able to connect it to their mobile phones or tablets using a simple app that comes with all features such as flushing options, lighting options, tank cleanse etc. The app is easy to use and can be customized according to your preferences. Those who are away from home can also monitor the cleaning process by checking up on the smartphone app without coming too close!

  1. Some come with music players & ambient noise setting

If you are looking for some entertainment while doing your business, then opting for the best smart toilets with music speakers is an excellent idea. You can even set it up with your favorite radio station or use it in conjunction with Google home if you are looking to relax by listening to soothing melodies while at work!

  1. Water heating systems are great when the temperature drops

Those living in extreme climates will definitely benefit from having smart toilet brands that come with powerful water heating system to melt away all snow and ice around their homes during the harsh winter months. The heated water also acts as a good source of entertainment during these times, especially if you have kids!

  1. They come with bidet sprayers for men & women

Last but not least, some of the best leading smart toilets brands come with bidet sprayers for both men and women. This helps clean your posterior area without too much hassle, thus enhancing your life in various ways!

  1. You deserve nothing but the best!

Even if you have been living in your home for several years now, it doesn't mean that it is too late for installing a new toilet system at home! In fact it is highly recommended that you go for a smart toilet system and enjoy the luxury of clean toilets and better hygiene. So, invest in one and get rid of all your worries!

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