What Are A Wall-Hung Smart Toilets And Why You Should Buy Them?

What Are A Wall-Hung Smart Toilets And Why You Should Buy Them?

What Are A Wall-Hung Smart Toilets And Why You Should Buy Them?

Wall-Hung Smart Toilet is the most popular choice in business complexes, like shopping malls, bars, and restaurants, due to its simplicity of maintenance and sanitary design. Their advantages and aesthetic appeal, on the other hand, are now being more highly sought after in residential bathrooms.

Several types of wall hung toilets are available from a variety of manufacturers, each with its own set of characteristics. In this article, we'll look at some of the basic advantages of Wall-Hung Smart Toilet as well as an overview of what you should know about installation and maintenance.

To begin with, there are two types of toilets that may accommodate in-wall cisterns: those designed specifically for in-wall reservoirs and those that may be used as regular toilets.

Pans that hang from the ceiling: These toilets are positioned above the floor and do not require a toilet base or foot. There is a space beneath the toilet and beneath the floor.

These are the most common toilet types, with the exception of ones that are built into walls. Flush buttons are located on top of these toilets for ease of use. Unlike wall-hung toilets, there is no gap between the floor and the bottom of this pan. All waste lines flow directly into the wall or floor to conceal everything from view.

Installation and maintenance access

The cistern component is generally placed in the wall cavity behind the pan, either via a wall-hung and wall-faced pan or by utilizing a purpose-built frame. In-wall cisterns can be paced behind cabinets or cavities. Only the flush button is visible, which is typically positioned on the wall above the basin.

In-wall cisterns are a little difficult to install and maintain because, for it, you need someone experienced. This is due to the fact that when the first versions arrived you had to purchase the system as well as the installation kit separately. Spare parts were difficult to come by.

Today's high-quality cisterns are considerably easier to construct. They come with all of the necessary components, and a professional plumber can quickly install them. Many manufacturers now provide in-wall cisterns, so choosing a reputable brand like Cocobellabath will guarantee that replacement parts are readily available.

Better quality in-wall systems may be serviced by an access panel set into the wall, which is a feature of higher-end systems. The flush buttons are also stored in this access panel and may simply be pulled out. You don’t need to break any tiles to get to the cistern or worry about additional access points for other rooms.

How in-wall cisterns are beneficial for bathroom

Ease of maintenance: In-wall cisterns are far simpler to maintain than close coupled toilets. This is because toilet’s one half is in the wall, you just have one half of a toilet to clean. There are fewer or no dust catches because of the hidden pipes and plumbing, there are fewer surfaces to clean.

If you choose a wall-mounted pan, all you have to clean around the base is the floor. The floor under the toilet in a wall-hung pan is easily cleaned because the gap is big enough for a broom and mop to pass through.

Toilets with in-wall cisterns are a must-have for interior designers nowadays, owing to their stylish and modern design. They aid in the creation of a sleek, minimalist atmosphere in the bathroom. Also, the gap between the floor and wall-hung options gives the impression of greater area, which is ideal for tiny bathrooms that need more.

Traditional close-coupled toilets make a lot of noise during the filling cycle. In-wall cisterns are expected to be considerably quieter than traditional ones. So don’t worry about the sleep of your family members.

Cisterns that are built-in into the wall can be made even quieter through the installation process. In most cases, up to 7mm of fiber cement sheeting is used in the wall and tiled over with nearly 12mm tiles for noise reduction. This is excellent news for anybody who likes quiet sleeping.

Some of the most innovative features include ‘hands-free' electronic flushing systems that require no contact with the flush buttons. You simply wave your hand over the sensor button, and the cistern will fill itself, offer better hygiene in your washroom.

The dual flush handle and Dual Flush Indicator, which displays both the interior and exterior flushing status on the flushing plate, are two more unique features. The lights are integrated into the flush buttons, allowing you to find your way to the toilet at night without having to turn on the rest of the house's lights. This is an excellent feature.

These amazing features are definitely going to add value to your property resale.
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