Which is the best toilet for your home?

Which is the best toilet for your home?

Although we spend a lot of time in the washroom, we bet that you haven't given much thought to your toilet. ​You spend roughly two hours on here every week, so it's worth investing in the finest toilet for your requirements

If you've never bought a toilet before, you may be amazed at the many varieties available. We've prepared a list of all the various sorts of toilets so that when it's time to choose your new toilet suite.

Different Types of Toilet Bowls

Many people didn't even know that various types of toilets are available in the market. The most frequent shape is round, with elongated. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Elongated Bowl

In case you are looking for the most comfortable seat, then an elongated bowl is the best for you. The elongated shape is better for the caboose shape.

If you've moved from an elongated bowl to around one, you'll notice the difference when you're on the throne for a long time and begin to feel uncomfortable much sooner than normal.

Round Bowl

If you have a limited amount of room, try using a round bowl shape. However, an elongated bowl shape may be more comfortable. But we believe most people would choose the additional space round bowl can provide them over discomfort.

Types of Flush Available Toilet system

Since its invention in 1596, the humble flushing toilet has come a long way. We now have a lot of options when it comes to flushing toilets. Here are some of the most popular flush types available today.


A gravity-feed toilet, as the name implies, relies on gravity to assist with waste evacuation. They're quieter than most other toilet flushes and can be used with little water pressure.

Gravity-feed toilets are available in a variety of price ranges to fit any budget. Their only disadvantage is that they aren't the most efficient at removing waste, and it may take multiple flushes to fully drain the toilet pan.


A pressure-assisted toilet flush is ideal for families with a lot of people. These utilize compressed air in a sealed tank to flUSH waste out and away from your toilet with great force.

Your child who hasn't yet learned to use just enough toilet paper as needed will have no trouble flushing the mounds of TP your young one makes. A strong flush from a pressure-assisted toilet has a greater cost and produces considerably more noise than other flush types.


The best toilet for anybody who is conscious of water usage is a dual-flush kind. These allow you to choose between a complete or partial flush depending on what you're removing from the toilet. Dual-flush toilets use roughly 4.5 liters of water on a full flush and just 3 liters on a partial one, saving both water and money!

Such systems may be complicated to install and need more cleaning than basic toilets, but they can be a great deal of fun.

Toilets With Unique Characteristics to Match Your Bathroom

Beyond the bowl form and flush type, you may select from a variety of toilet styles. This is where you may begin to think about the overall style and aesthetics of your bathroom when selecting a new toilet.


A link or connector toilet is one of the most prevalent types of suite in homes. The toilet pan and cistern are joined together by a tube, thus they are separate pieces.

Toilets with dual-flush technology are also known as two-way or double-handle toilets. They're simple to install, and some come with covers to hide the connecting pipe. The amount of surface area you'll need to clean is their main drawback.

Close Coupled

A close-coupled toilet type is similar to a link or connector toilet suite in that it consists of two parts. The key distinction, on the other hand, is that the cistern is flush with the pan, resulting in the pipe without connection and a more streamlined appearance.

Back to Wall

The next step up in terms of expense is back to wall toilets. The major advantage of this type of toilet is that all the pipes are hidden within the toilet itself. No more visible trap papered behind a back wall toilet collecting dust and adding to your weekly cleaning chores.

Concealed Cistern

Conventional concealed cistern toilets are significantly more expensive than the other toilet models we've mentioned. This is due to the fact that concealment of the cistern is considerably more difficult.

The flush buttons are generally positioned on the wall above the toilet, although they may be placed some way away to suit your needs. You may attach the toilet pan to the floor or even mount it to the wall so that it appears to float above the ground for extra design freedom with concealed cistern toilets.

Many people are afraid that if a plumber ever needs to access their cistern, they'll be responsible for expensive wall repair costs. This isn't the case, however; access panels are built-in so that a plumber may fix the cistern without breaking your wall.

You'll have to buy the toilet pan and cistern separately if you acquire a concealed cistern toilet. This might be a problem because you must ensure that the cistern you pick is compatible with the toilet pan.

Considerations to install toilets

It's not only about selecting the toilet style and flush that go with your home when it comes to deciding on a toilet. Above all, it must fit in with your previous toilet space, or you will need to make adjustments to accommodate the toilet.

It's important to measure the set-out distance correctly. The trap papered one may have a different set-out distance than the toilet. If you enter a number that is incorrect, your new toilet will not fit correctly to drain!

There are so many new toilet features available today, including:

  • Smart toilet technology
  • Bidet features and attachments
  • Soft-close toilet

Have you considered a rimless toilet? These toilets have removed that annoying rim from the toilet pan, making it much easier to clean.

Have you considered a rimless smart toilet? The elimination of the toilet pan's annoying rim makes it much easier to clean. To shop it online, visit Cocobellabath.

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