Why You Should Upgrade To a Smart Toilet

Why You Should Upgrade To a Smart Toilet

Why You Should Upgrade To a Smart Toilet

Most people think of replacing their toilet as an tough task. Most homeowners don't think twice about replacing their toilet if it does the job. The only things to consider when replacing a toilet are water consumption, flush power and whether the toilet is round or elongated. Consider upgrading to a smart toilet when replacing one or more of your toilets. It's not smart enough for chess, so don't be alarmed by its name. This fancy device adds essential features to your commode that you didn't even know you needed. Even though they're more expensive than basic ceramic models, smart toilets can save water and modernize your house, which will be a benefit for you long-term.

Here are some reasons homeowners should consider upgrading to a smart bathroom.

Self-Cleaning Function

  • Deep cleaning a toilet is something that we all have experienced.
  • Although it's not an easy job, someone has to do it. So why not use the smart toilet?
  • Smart toilets clean themselves to save you from having to grab the rubber gloves or scrubber.
  • A smart toilet can use different cleaning methods. Some have a robotic arm to clean the inside while others have an ultraviolet lamp that eliminates stains and fungus.
  • Smart toilets can simply wash themselves with water.
  • Smart toilets may also have a bidet that you can use for your own cleaning.
  • Smart toilets can be cleaned manually only a few times per year.

Built-in Warmer/LED Lights

  • It is unpleasant to sit on cold toilet seats.
  • Smart toilets come with a heater built in to provide warmth for you at all times.
  • You can adjust the heat to your preference for maximum comfort.
  • Smart toilets can also be equipped with lighting to provide modern illumination.
  • Your smart toilet's LED lights create a bathroom light that isn't too bright or requires a lot of power.
  • Bathroom breaks at night are not cold or uncomfortable.

Flushing by Automatic

  • Smart toilets allow you to take a hands-off approach through its automatic flushing.
  • The sensors detect when it is time to flush so your hands are free from germs
  • The smart toilet can take care of family members who forget how to flush.

Water use under control

  • Smart toilets use sensors to stop overflowing.
  • If you detect clogging, it will prevent you from flushing. This keeps your water consumption low.
  • These sensors can also determine the amount of water required for flushing, which saves gallons every year.

Remote Control Personalization

  • Smart toilets are a common concern.
  • Smart toilets can be customized with remote controls.
  • You can adjust the temperature and water levels or even listen to music through Bluetooth!
  • The remote control is easy to use and will be your best friend in the bath.

When replacing your toilet, consider upgrading to a smart one. Cocobella bath is available to help you replace your toilet. Cocobella bath has been providing quality, affordable plumbing services to homeowners since 2001. We also offer 24/7 customer support to ensure that homeowner satisfaction. Call us at 8613630091966 for all your questions.

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