Double-Plus Intelligent One Machine
Double-Plus Intelligent One Machine
Double-Plus Intelligent One Machine
Double-Plus Intelligent One Machine
Double-Plus Intelligent One Machine
Double-Plus Intelligent One Machine
Double-Plus Intelligent One Machine

Double-Plus Intelligent One Machine

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Adjustable Heated Seat

Comfortable Warm Air-Dryer

Nozzle Self-Cleaning

Smart Night Light

Seat Sensor

More Comfortable Seating

Seat heating is more stable

The seat ring uses a fully laminated metal aluminum foil heating film, which evenly distributes heat, stabilizes the temperature and saves energy

The combination of NTC and thermal fuse brings warmer care to consumers and brings intimate protection.

6-speed seat temperature adjustment to meet different temperature experience requirements.

Gentle warm air drying

After cleaning, start the warm air function;

6-speed wind temperature adjustment within the range of room temperature to 58 °;

Quick and dry, like a spring breeze.

Arc-shaped proprietary boom
Wide spraying range

Competitive traditional straight rod, small spray cleaning range, easy to stain; using humanized curved spray rod, unique design, large spray cleaning range, no stain.

Double cleansing technology

Pioneering dual cleansing technology, starting siphon twice at once, double cleansing.

One flush causes the toilet to produce two siphons, and the dirt in the toilet is emptied twice in a row to achieve no residual flushing, which can meet the national standard first and second water efficiency requirements.

First siphon: Wash away dirt.

The second siphon: flush away the residual dirt in the water seal.

Sewage prevention

Air normally open anti-siphon design: When the machine is in standby, a 130mm air gap is set between the inlet water source and the toilet sewage to ensure that the inlet water source is isolated from the sewage air. When the toilet generates negative pressure, the normally open air gap can always be Keep the incoming water source isolated from the sewage air, prevent the sewage from flowing back, and ensure that the incoming water source is not polluted.

Feature List

  • Instant heating
  • Hip wash
  • Women wash
  • Mobile cleaning
  • 6-level water temperature adjustment
  • 3 levels of water pressure adjustment
  • Nozzle position adjustment
  • Remote control
  • Continuous warm water cleaning
  • Gas-mixed cleaning
  • Nozzle self-cleaning
  • Antibacterial nozzle
  • Antibacterial seat
  • Arc boom
  • 6-speed seat heating
  • Side knob control
  • Warm air drying
  • Light sense night light
  • Pure diatom deodorant
  • Induction seat
  • Automatic flushing from seat
  • Flush with electric knob (right side)
  • Remote scour
  • Power-off knob flush (right, battery powered)

IPX7 Waterproof remote control

Ensures normal use even when immersed in water

From IPX4 to IPX7, it is the company's continuous pursuit of quality. The IPX7 remote control can ensure normal use even if immersed in water.

Product disassembly

Industry-leading independent module design, independent design of flushing valve and intelligent cover; independent installation of valve body and toilet

Nozzle adopts air

Nozzle adopts air injection structure, water saving, comfortable and healthy

High-quality heating tube

High-quality top-grade instant ceramic heating tube, even if the water inlet is as low as 5 degrees,

It can also be heated to 35 degrees in one second, and it also brings the most intimate care in the cold winter.

√Fast: 1 second hot, no need to wait

√Stable: constant temperature, precise temperature control

√Full: 6-speed water temperature adjustment, more gears

√Fine: Selected materials, craftsmanship

Wider seat, more comfortable seating

In the seat design, the characteristics of the elderly, children, men, and women are fully considered.

Widen the seat ring, so that the force of the seat ring is more uniform, and the seat is more comfortable

Q & A

Q:Worried that the water pressure at home is not enough to use the smart toilet?

A:Low-voltage starting technology

0.09MPA dynamic pressure,

lower than the industry.

The direct flush system innovatively uses the first low-voltage start-up technology. The toilet has a built-in low-voltage start-up program.

It is used in the case where the household water pressure is relatively low, and solves the problem that the current pressure-type flush toilet has low water pressure and cannot be used.

Q:How do i clean my toilet?

A:1、Remove the front screw, pull it up and then unscrew the water supply pipe (the angle valve needs to be closed), remove the DC plug, and separate the cover plate from the flush valve for easy after-sales maintenance;

2、After the cover is removed, the braided tube can be easily unscrewed for maintenance and cleaning of the flush valve.

Q:How many flushing methods are there?

A:Electrically controlled flushing method

A:Press the knob on the side of the rear shell

to startToilet flush function.

Electrically controlled flushing method

B:Press the flush on the remote control

Press the button to activate the toilet flush function.

Electric control scouring method

C:The toilet flush function can be activated automatically after leaving the seat.

Power off scour

D:Power-off flushing design, built-in backup battery, flushing function can be realized by pressing the button.


Product parameters:

Model: CB.10.0022

Size: 689 × 426 × 471mm (including toilet height)

Power: rated power 1070W

Power supply: AC voltage 220V 50HZ

Water inlet requirement: more than 15L / min (home improvement pipeline needs static pressure 0.14MPA / dynamic pressure 0.09MPA to reach this flow)

Flush: 4.2L / 6L

Pit distance: 305 / 400mm

Drainage method: drainage

Operation: remote control knob control

Opening method: slow down