Foshan Coco bella international, as a branch of Coco Bella International Inc, is a multinational company whose marking and design center located in North America Currently, there are several branches dispersing in Canada, India and china.

The agents in many region have been around the world and the main production base in china foshan and chaozhou。Foshan Cocobella international are in manufacturing sanitary ware business for more than 15 years,it is a manufacturer with independent R & D office and production of integrated bathroom products.The company are committed to creating high-quality products and service to the international market; By focusing on export to whole bathroom material and providing one-stop bathroom solutions.Many standard certifications of the company’s products have been approved by many international countries and regions, such as SASO, CUPC, MS, WATER MARK etc...



Cocobella,as a young multinational brand,focus on innovation combining the american spirit of rationality,so that we are dedicated to create a comfortable life.this motivated and enterprising young team,differing from traditional enterprises,is eager to create a comfortable.

Many Standard certifications of the company's products have been approved by many international countries and regions,

The products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions in the world which are favored by customers at home and abroad.


In Italian, people usually use Bella to represent “beauty,nobility,eminence”

For the perceptual admiration of water,

Cocobella is much easier to be reminiscent of the extraordinary charm of female image in new era that is independent and confident as elegant as water.

The female idiosyncratic characteristics that persist in the details are more fully embodied in the product.

Cocobella is using its unique idea to bring a new definition of sophistication and elegance for the new generation of consumers.

Nobility, Eminence”

Cocobella as a young multinational brand,

focuses on innovation combining the American spirit of rationality, so that we are dedicated to create a comfortable life.

This motivated and enterprising young team, differing from traditional enterprises, is eager to create a comfortable experience beyond expectation through the continuous innovation and unwilling struggle.

Product Concept

Delicacy and Simplicity   Endurance and Elegance

The brand concept of “comfort for life”attaches the importance to the comfortable relationship between product creation and human comfort in product design.

The products around the 6 series are more delicate and attentive.

Every customer can experience simplicity, nature, and pleasure.


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