COCOBELLA, the future of the restroom.

Out of all the appliances and fixtures one has around the house, the toilet is, certainly, one of the least glamorous. Yet, since its invention, it became a staple of modernity that is not only convenient but improves our standards of living by facilitating personal hygiene at scale.

Since its invention, most of the inner working of the device remained basically unchanged and only minorly tweaked for the most part. Yet, there’s always room for improvement that, in the case of the toilet, can make the whole experience more seamless.

This is what COCOBELLA set out to do, bring forward the future of the restroom through the smart toilet.

Through the incorporation of few electronic sensors into the design, our smart toilets are able to provide you with a range of functions that, ultimately, make your whole restroom experience go by more smoothly.

For example, through motion sensing, there’s no need to touch anything. Approaching the smart toilet makes its lid stand up for you to sit.

Standing after using makes the flush go off automatically and, before that, a water stream gently shot from the built-in bidet instantly cleans you off. Thus, providing for a simplified restroom experience where you only come in, sit, and get up, leaving the toilet to do the rest.

Heating seat, night lights, deodorizing functions, and lower water usage are some other features meant to enhance your restroom experience when using a smart toilet. All in all, COCOBELLA wants to make it so that your restroom experience is so seamless you barely have to lift a finger.