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Create 95mm
ultra-thin cover

Special ceramic structure


Egg-shaped creative design

Perfect and

Worth having

Innovative Process

In Italian, people usually use Bella to represent “beauty,nobility,eminence” For the perceptual admiration of water, Cocobella is much easier to be reminiscent of the extraordinary charm of female image in new era that is independent and confident as elegant as water.

The female idiosyncratic characteristics that persist in the details are more fully embodied in the product. Cocobella is using its unique idea to bring a new definition of sophistication and elegance for the new generation of consumers.

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bathroom solution

Maple View series

Grey maple shadow wood bending embellished brain fat red cabinet body, low-key luxury and fashion clever echo, every time pull bending expectations. Brain fat is red, red fundamental key joins 50% advanced gray, show burnish feeling slightly, fashionable and unique, let the bathroom have color makeup color.

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bathroom solution

Diamas series

Solid wood frame structure, natural texture display . Strictly choose the log board that whole grain is consistent, classics woodworking master is careful spell pair of grain, present fluent external aesthetic feeling finally  

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bathroom solution

Mountain lake series

extured Pnish texture, such as mountainous Thickened countertops, combined with a stretch of natural stone, such as the surface of the lakeStraight line outline, minimalist, natural texture echoes each other, poetic dialogue between mountains and lakes

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was raised by a Persian father and Egyptian-English mother As a result, her culturally diverse Lifestyle is reflected in her,inspired , eclectic designs,which range from homes,hotels.and commercial spaces to airplane interiors and rurniture, Her design is charaterized by a combination of humor elegance, and sensuality.As one of the best architerty and interior dessigners.

Mohdavi / Architectural Designer


An Egyptian Architect & interior creative designer.

his name is synonymous with high-end luxury design.He is arguably the mot sought after inferior designer for those seeking the poshest and most extranvagant interiors. He possesses a unique gift to mater colours, materials and textures to create an opulent atmosphere. The choice off furniture , use of sypace , patterns一every little detail is throught out.

F.I.K.R/ Architectural Designer

Katrin Einwaller

One of the best for innovative building planning and high quality interor design
She gre up in a family of architects and struchrual engineers, obtained a degree in architecture from TU Wien in Vienna and a degree in interior design under the guidance of Frangiose-helene jourda,and now manages the architecture and interior design workshop at Christian L.Einwaller

Katrin Einwaller / R&D Director

Anna Cai

"Bold thinking, rigorous verification, sensitivity and analysis, the courage to judge"

Anna Cai/Marketing Director

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