Maple View series

Grey maple shadow wood bending embellished brain fat red cabinet body, low-key luxury and fashion clever echo, every time pull bending expectations. Brain fat is red, red fundamental key joins 50% advanced gray, show burnish feeling slightly, fashionable and unique, let the bathroom have color makeup color.

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Diamas series

Solid wood frame structure, natural texture display . Strictly choose the log board that whole grain is consistent, classics woodworking master is careful spell pair of grain, present fluent external aesthetic feeling finally  

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Mountain lake series

Textured Pnish texture, such as mountainous Thickened countertops, combined with a stretch of natural stone, such as the surface of the lakeStraight line outline, minimalist, natural texture echoes each other, poetic dialogue between mountains and lakes

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Roches series

Italian tube junction box door, take you back to nature pure life appeal.A collage of wall type marble basin, tie-in wall a faucet, constitute a perfect whole, contracted contain details of taste.

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