Modern Smart One Piece Bidet Toilet cb.10.0050
Modern Smart One Piece Bidet Toilet cb.10.0050
Modern Smart One Piece Bidet Toilet cb.10.0050
Modern Smart One Piece Bidet Toilet cb.10.0050
Modern Smart One Piece Bidet Toilet cb.10.0050
Modern Smart One Piece Bidet Toilet cb.10.0050
Modern Smart One Piece Bidet Toilet cb.10.0050
Modern Smart One Piece Bidet Toilet cb.10.0050

Modern Smart One Piece Bidet Toilet cb.10.0050


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Won the IF Design Award. Adopting Latest Korean LG technology to make the mirror treatment for PP cover. The cleaning tip can be removable, and it's easy for cleaning the nozzle. The model is full-auto full-function intelligent toilet.

Siphonic intelligent toilet



  • Basic functions: hip cleaning, female cleaning, seat ring heating, drying function, sit down induction, damping slow descent,warm water cleaning;
  • Health function: laxative function, strong laxative function
  • Convenience function: IR remote control, position adjustment, adjustable water temp, >seat ring temperature adjustable, water pressure adjustable, air temperature adjustable
  • Comfort function: soft lighting, bubble cleaning, Intelligently remove odor, high efficiency and energy saving, leakage protection, LED display, plasma sterilization
  • Cleaning function: The seat ring is resistant to bacteria, Automatic nozzle cleaning, boom cleaning
  • Shortcut function: automatic flushing, manual flushing (Automatic lid opening and closing)
  • ■Buttock Cleaning, Female Cleaning
  • ■Massage, Defecation Assist, Oscillating Movement
  • ■Seat Heated, Temperature Adjustable
  • ■Water Pressure, Temperature, Nozzle Position Adjustable
  • ■360 Degree Bubble Shield
  • ■Deodorization, Plasma Sterilization
  • ■Curve Shape Design for Wand
  • ■Radar Sensor, Remote Control, Night Light
  • ■Ceramic Like PP Cover
  • ■Safety Protection

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Plasma sterilization
  • Apply air purification technology to smart toilet
  • The low voltage is boosted by the booster circuit to positive and negative high voltages, and the air is ionized under the action of the positive and negative high-voltage electric fields.
  • At the moment when the positive and negative ions neutralize, energy is released, which leads to the change and energy transfer of bacteria in the surrounding environment, resulting in the death of bacteria
  • Since there are more negative ions than positive ions, the negative ions in the air can continue to play the role of dust removal, odor elimination, and air improvement.
Automatic flip
The use of automatic human detection and induction technology can sense people coming and going, and the cover plate will automatically open and close.
Convenient technology frees your hands and creates a more comfortable toilet experience for you. Special automatic flip motor, large torque, small resistance.
The connection strength of the components is high, and the main shell of the product is not affected by the pressure of heavy objects, which does not affect the use of the automatic flip function.
The product's slow-down gear flip cover and protective pad make it silent when closed, and you are no longer afraid of waking up your family when you go to the toilet at night, so you can take care of your family's body and mind.

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  • Q: How many liters of toilet flush?

    A: The regular toilet is 3liter for small flush, 6liters for big flush. which are made according to international standard. but for particular model approved with Water mark. CE and SASO which only costing for less 4.8 liter.

  • Q: How does the self-cleaning nozzle work?

    A: As soon as the seat sensor is activated, a pre-rinse cycle will begin. This process rinses the nozzle in preparation for a wash function. Water will drain into the bowl during this time.

  • Q: How does the automatic on/off work?

    A: Cocobella includes a proximity sensor that automatically opens the lid when it detects an approaching user. You can also open or close the seat and lid by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control. There is a kick sensor at the bottom right of the toilet to control the switch of the seat and lid. After 3 minutes of inactivity, the seat and lid will automatically close.

  • Q: What is the dynamic stream function?

    A: The dynamic stream function rapidly alternates the water temperature to assist in stimulating bowel movements.

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