smart bidet toilet  CB.10.0022
smart bidet toilet  CB.10.0022
smart bidet toilet  CB.10.0022
smart bidet toilet  CB.10.0022
smart bidet toilet  CB.10.0022
smart bidet toilet  CB.10.0022

smart bidet toilet CB.10.0022


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Size: 27.12 × 16.77 ×18.54 inch Power: rated power 1070W
Power supply: AC voltage 220V 50HZ Water inlet requirement: more than 15L / min
Flush: 4.2L / 6L Pit distance: 12 / 15.75inch
Drainage method: drainage Operation: remote control knob control
Opening method: slow down
  • ■Buttock Cleaning, Female Cleaning
  • ■Massage, Defecation Assist, Oscillating Movement
  • ■Seat Heated, Temperature Adjustable
  • ■Water Pressure, Temperature, Nozzle Position Adjustable
  • ■Bubble Shield
  • ■Soft Night Light
  • ■Self-Cleaning Nozzle
  • ■Feet Sensor, Remote Control
  • ■LED Display
  • ■CUPC Certification, Safety Protection

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Sewage prevention
Air normally open anti-siphon design: When the machine is in standby, a 130mm air gap is set between the inlet water source and the toilet sewage to ensure that the inlet water source is isolated from the sewage air. When the toilet generates negative pressure, the normally open air gap can always be Keep the incoming water source isolated from the sewage air, prevent the sewage from flowing back, and ensure that the incoming water source is not polluted.
Low-voltage starting technology
The direct flush system innovatively uses the first low-voltage start-up technology. The toilet has a built-in low-voltage start-up program. It is used in the case where the household water pressure is relatively low, and solves the problem that the current pressure-type flush toilet has low water pressure and cannot be used.

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  • Q: How many liters of toilet flush?

    A: The regular toilet is 3liter for small flush, 6liters for big flush. which are made according to international standard. but for particular model approved with Water mark. CE and SASO which only costing for less 4.8 liter.

  • Q: How does the self-cleaning nozzle work?

    A: As soon as the seat sensor is activated, a pre-rinse cycle will begin. This process rinses the nozzle in preparation for a wash function. Water will drain into the bowl during this time.

  • Q: How does the automatic on/off work?

    A: Cocobella includes a proximity sensor that automatically opens the lid when it detects an approaching user. You can also open or close the seat and lid by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control. There is a kick sensor at the bottom right of the toilet to control the switch of the seat and lid. After 3 minutes of inactivity, the seat and lid will automatically close.

  • Q: What is the dynamic stream function?

    A: The dynamic stream function rapidly alternates the water temperature to assist in stimulating bowel movements.

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