Sanitary ware luxury modern style smart toilet
Sanitary ware luxury modern style smart toilet
Sanitary ware luxury modern style smart toilet
Sanitary ware luxury modern style smart toilet
Sanitary ware luxury modern style smart toilet
Sanitary ware luxury modern style smart toilet
Sanitary ware luxury modern style smart toilet
Sanitary ware luxury modern style smart toilet

Sanitary ware luxury modern style smart toilet


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North Ameraican Design Style, Full-Auto Full-Function Intelligent Toilet.

Model NO.:CB.10.0049


Rated voltage


Rated frequency


Rated power


Heating mode

Instantaneous heating

Water pressure requirements

0.05Mpa (dynamic pressure) - 0.65Mpa (static pressure)

Water flow requirements

Greater than 15L / min

Toilet flushing water volume


Seat temperature


Water temperature


Drying temperature


Warm air speed

Greater than 0.5m ³/ min

Safety device

Temperature sensor, anti burning device, temperature controller, temperature fuse, grounding protection, leakage protection device, anti cracking device, high water pressure protection, anti low temperature scald


GB4706·1-2005            GB 470653-2008             GB 38448-2019

Power cord length


CSA & CUPC Certification
  • ■Buttock Cleaning, Female Cleaning
  • ■Massage, Defecation Assist, Oscillating Movement
  • ■Seat Heated, Temperature Adjustable
  • ■Water Pressure, Temperature, Nozzle Position Adjustable
  • ■360 Degree Bubble Shield
  • ■Deodorization, Plasma Sterilization
  • ■Self-Cleaning Nozzle, Night Light
  • ■Radar Sensor, Feet Sensor, Remote Control
  • ■Water Connection Pressure: No Limit
  • ■CSA Certification, Safety Protection

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*Ship to Australia and New Zealand about 25-35working days
*Ship to Australia East and South Asian countries about 15-25 working days

*Ship to Middle East region about 20-30 working days

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Create 95mm ultra-thin cover
The world's first waterway system, with special ceramic structure, hides the waterway system inside the ceramic, saving the space and beauty of the upper cover .
2.4G remote control
  • Type-C rechargeable
  • The unique pype-c impulse port design can be completed by plugging in the charger when the remote control has no power.Charging, no need to replace the battery regularly.
  • Ultra long endurance and high quality
  • Built in lithium battery for energy supply, with a battery life of up to one year.
  • It is more convenient to install
  • 3M glue is provided at the back of the remote control hanger, which can be placed at the required position without drilling and damaging the wall.
    Intelligent temperature seat ring heating
    4 gear seat temperature: accurate temperature setting, and automatically select the most suitable temperature according to the season Triple temperature control safety protection: heat balance, prevent overheating or low-temperature scald
    No water pressure
    Zero water pressure flushing is achieved by pressurizing with built-in water pump:
  • Built in water tank of toilet (water tank capacity 4.2L)
  • All ceramic flushing adopts large pump to extract the water inside the water tank. Washing and siphon auxiliary flushing can be realized without the help of external water pressure.
  • Constant pressure flushing has high stability, strong flushing force and good effect. The flushing noise is lower than that of pulse type, The water consumption for flushing is only 3.8L
  • Follow-up within 24 hours

    24/7 online customer service to answer your questions

    Support air transportation

    For faster shipping of products to your hands

    Exquisite packaging

    Perfect product packaging, just to make the product perfect in your hands

    • Q: How many liters of toilet flush?

      A: The regular toilet is 3liter for small flush, 6liters for big flush. which are made according to international standard. but for particular model approved with Water mark. CE and SASO which only costing for less 4.8 liter.

    • Q: How does the self-cleaning nozzle work?

      A: As soon as the seat sensor is activated, a pre-rinse cycle will begin. This process rinses the nozzle in preparation for a wash function. Water will drain into the bowl during this time.

    • Q: How does the automatic on/off work?

      A: Cocobella includes a proximity sensor that automatically opens the lid when it detects an approaching user. You can also open or close the seat and lid by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control. There is a kick sensor at the bottom right of the toilet to control the switch of the seat and lid. After 3 minutes of inactivity, the seat and lid will automatically close.

    • Q: What is the dynamic stream function?

      A: The dynamic stream function rapidly alternates the water temperature to assist in stimulating bowel movements.

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